My first website is old enough to drink, my oldest dog is old enough to drive. I help forward-looking organizations improve their products, processes, and people.

Design Ops

Design teams move faster and work better when they don't have to battle their tools, quirky ways of working, or disorienting naming and storage. But also, like, that's hard. I fancy myself a dab hand at helping teams and orgs find ways to work smoothly with a shared language, letting folks spend time and energy on the work.

Design Systems

I love a good system. Tidy, thoughtful, easy to develop, reproduce, and scale. Friend to experience and visual designers, developers, and business developers. I wrote a thing about the kinds of systems I like working on and I think it's worth a read.

Design Leadership

I've been lucky enough to lead teams of differing sizes, starting with a RADIOSHACK in 2002 and running through right this second. There are few professionally satisfying things as having folks you worked with and helped develop experiencing real success. I also gave a talk about how I try to take the touchy-feely horseshit out of making designers better. It has a Mr. T slide.