Oh Look

Another UX designer. What makes me different?

It’s quite simple, really: purple. Purple and a real desire to be ever learning and evolving as a designer and strategist. I strive to create experiences and interactions that are legible and functional, first, and that may sneak a wry smile across the user’s face. (DELIGHT) Some of my thoughts and lengthy project description rest among these things.


I am a designer with a lifelong fear of being unexpectedly shat on by birds.

But more importantly, I am a thoughtful, research-driven designer living in Phoenix and trying to make products, websites, and apps better for users and producers alike..

After realizing I’d be a terrible lawyer (because I like people) I turned my training in analysis and problem solving to finding better solutions for users (because I like people). If you and your users need a thoughtful, effective solution to a problem lean forward, and whisper in my ear.




I would love to hear from you. Whether you want to work together, find out more, or just need an enforcer for the street hockey you play on local high school tennis courts, I’m refreshing my inbox as you read this. Just refreshed again.

Unless you’re a nefarious, head-shitting bird. In that case, you can keep your damn thoughts to yourself.

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